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Giovanni Scialpi, best known as Scialpi (born 14 May 1962), is an Italian pop singer, mainly active between eighties and nineties.

Born in Parma, Scialpi had an immediate success in the Summer of 1983 with the song “Rocking Rolling”.


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Italian Folk Music History

The Italian folk music history is one of the most esteemed and pure examples of art not only in Italy but the entire world. Italian music is cherished and loved by many people all around the globe as one of the most beautiful and pleasing ear sources of tunes. Over the period, as many other nations came and ruled over the lands of Italy, they made an impact and influence over the traditional music. As a result, the Italian music we hear today is a combination and reflection of all these cultures.

Italian Music Facts

Music plays a prominent role in the life of the Italians,and hence here we are with quick Italian music facts. Love for music also reflected in and through the spiritual and material culture of the Italians. Music has entered into all the spheres of life. Their most famous masters in the making of musical instruments are already mentioned Bartolomeo Cristofori from the passages from the 17th to the 18th century. -Andrea Amati and the sons Antonio and Girolamo, Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri, are world famous masters in the making of the violin.

What Is Pechino Express?

Pechino Expres is a reality show that has been broadcast live in countries such as Italy, Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Spain. This program was conceived by Ludo Poppe and has captivated thousands of viewers worldwide. Pechino Express was inspired by another successful TV show named Peking Express. Our buddy Giovanni Sialpi appeared on the show!

Famous Italian Classical Music Composers

Western classical music is an ancient art form that dates back to the time before 500 AD. It has constantly been developed and adapted over the centuries and passed important eras such as the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern, and Contemporary. Classical music has been performed in Operas which have popularized music. Operas inadvertently make you think of Italian Operas. Operas originated in Italy around 1600 and are popular even today! Italian Opera plays a very important part in the history of western classical music and the contribution of Italian music composers to this art form is noteworthy. Apart from Operas, other musical forms also influenced the present-day music. The contribution of Italian composers to European classical music, and its development over the years, is immense. Let us look at the most famous Italian classical music composers of all times.

Famous Italian Opera Music

The Opera had its origin in Italy, so it is not surprising that the most famous Opera is located in Italian territory, the place where the best composers and performers are. The Opera is identified by being highly dramatic; it is defined within the musical theater genre, being staged with songs, dances and the majority of the time, with musical instruments by orchestras present at the moment of the performance.

Most Popular Italian Musical Instruments

For Italians, music has been one of the cultural identity of the society as well as in politics. Opera a famous classical music was invented by the Italians in late 16th century. And now opera has become the integral of Italian music. Instrumental as well as classical vocal music is a conspicuous part of their culture. Folk music is also an essential part of country’s heritage. A sense of appreciation of beauty and emotionality is in connection with the music. And on the political part, Renaissance and royalty of Roman Catholic Church were commissioned to this music. And in this article, we are going to focus on some essential and famous Italian musical instruments that are today in use not only specific to Italy but the entire world.

Best Italian Singer of All Time

Zucchero Fornaciari

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Italy is Italian Pizza and wine. But Italy has more to it than just wine and food. The country is filled with art and culture. It also has some of the most versatile singers in the world. Most of us would be surprised to know that Italian words are used to describe how music should be played. You must have heard words such as Cappella, Opera, Aria, Intermezzo, Concerto, Soprano, Adagio, Alto etc. All these words are Italian words, and we use them as musical terms to describe various things. The country has produced many famous singers and musicians, and some of them are: Enrico Caruso: Caruso is an opera singer, and he was quite remarkable in the…