What Is Pechino Express?

Pechino Expres is a reality show that has been broadcast live in countries such as Italy, Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Spain. This program was conceived by Ludo Poppe and has captivated thousands of viewers worldwide. Pechino Express was inspired by another successful TV show named Peking Express. Our buddy Giovanni Sialpi appeared on the show!

The program is an adventure competition in which eight couples participate. Each one of the couples must overcome a series of obstacles related to a trip with a route that is between 8,000 and 10,000 km.

There are small tasks that couples must complete to advance in the game while passing by the different routes. The competitors will face tests related to the customs and modes of use of the site they visit, those that overcome the challenge will gain benefits or immunity. The couples will give the audience the opportunity to learn more about the history and lives of people, families, and villages they went to through their adventure. And from time to time they will have to ask for food, tickets, and hospitality.

In the competition, there is a red book of symbols, where the rubrics of the competitors are collected once the intermediate stage has been reached. Couples earn the right to sign only after the two team members have touched the red book. So this action determines whether the couple participates or not in the immunity test.

But what is the immunity test all about? In the middle of the competition, the fastest couples face off in a test that can make them gain immunity. The winning couple gains the right to access the next stage and cannot be eliminated from the final objective. Also, this couple achieves some benefits such as a comfortable place to spend the night, a paid dinner or a special experience during the trip.

There is also a black envelope that is given at the beginning of the stage to the winning pair of the previous bet, and must not be opened until the end of the entire stage. In the final test, this envelope must be given to the host of the show, who will open it only after the eliminated pair is named. Inside the envelope, there is a sheet on which the words can be read: eliminated or not eliminated. If what is inside the envelope is the second option (not eliminated) then the couple that had the envelope earns the possibility to continue in the race even if they were eliminated on the stage.

There is also a black flag which is a disadvantage that is delivered by the couple who won the immunity test to another couple, at the discretion of the winners of the test. This disadvantage is variable depending on the nature of the stage they are at the moment.

Pechino Express has been incorporating novelties in each edition, such as the golden envelope, the pink flag, automarcia, and the mysterious passenger, among others. And thanks to these innovations, the show has continued to grow a loyal audience that never misses an episode of this exciting reality show.

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