Who is Giovanni Scialpi?

Giovanni Scialpi is an Italian pop singer, and a television and theater actor, who is better known as Scialpi. He adopted the name ‘Shalpy’ in 2012.

Giovanni Scialpi’s Personal Life

Scialpi was born on 14 May 1962 in Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. He was born to a police officer originally from Taranto and a secretary of a pharmacological institute. He was an only child and was very close to his grandparents Emilia and Michele.

Scialpi announced in July 2015 that he will marry his long-time boyfriend and manager Roberto Blasi. He married Roberto in Ney York in August, the same year. Two years later, in October 2017, news of his separation with Blasi was made public.

Scialpi had taken to social media in March 2017 after he was allegedly assaulted by a passerby in Rome, for being homosexual. Many fans supported him on the social media.

Giovanni Scialpi’s Singing Career

  • Scialpi made his debut in 1983 with the song ‘Rocking Rolling’. The song became an instant hit and he won many accolades for it. After this, followed several other hits.
  • His popular work included romantic songs such as ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ and songs with modern lyrics such as ‘No East No West’.
  • He participated in musical competitions such as the Sanremo Music Festival and Festivalbar. He won the Festivalbar singing competition in 1988 for the song ‘Pregherei’ from the album Un borso e via.
  • After 1990, he gradually reduced producing songs, though he did not completely leave the pop singing scene.
  • He came out with his album Transparente in 1990 and Neroe in 1991.
  • He returned back to the Sanremo festival in 1992 with another single from the album 360 degrees.
  • In 1995, he created a single ‘What you do for love…’. Hi next single came six years later in 2001. It was called ‘Yes, yes’ from the album Yes, yes! Greatest Hits.
  • In 2001, he participated in the television musical contest La note vola and reached the finals with his already successful song ‘Rocking Rolling’.
  • In 2003, he released his album Spingi, Invoca, Ali.
  • He released the single Non tiamopiù(2005) and the album (2006).
  • He tried to enter the romantic pop genre with the single ‘Come to Me ’in 2014.
  • He released his Italian single ‘Pettirosso’ in 2016, after a series of English songs.
  • His most recent single, ‘Piazza Rondanini’ was released in November 2017.

Giovanni Scialpi’s Television and Theater Career

  • In 1990, he co-hosted Ricomincio da due with Scarlett Von Wollenmann. He also appeared in one of the episodes of the series Inspector Derrick.
  • In 1996, he played the character of Prospero in the musical PianetaProibito directed by Patrick Rossi Castaldi.
  • He starred in another theatrical directed by Castaldi in 1997 (Pellegrini)
  • He played Bella Signora in 1998 in InnaMorandi which was published and distributed on a CD.
  • He appeared on the reality show Music Farmin 2004.
  • He appeared in a musical based on the life o f Rudolph Valentino in 2008.
  • After his wedding, he appeared with spouse Blasi on the reality show Pechino Express.

Scialpi to Shalpy

On his fiftieth birthday, Giovanni Scialpi adopted the stage name ‘Shalpy’. He reportedly said that the reason behind changing his name was so that the people of America would pronounce his name correctly. Though his first show as ‘Shalpy’ was in Stockholm, and not America, he hinted that he might want to move to America since he loved everything about the country.

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